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Car Rental Policy


  1. The lessee or the driver shall have a valid Driver’s License with the UAE Traffic and Licensing Department.
  2. The Guarantor shall be liable for implementing all terms and conditions of this Agreement.
  3. The lessee shall assume the responsibility for the correctness of all his data and information contained in this Agreement without any liability to the office or the owner.
  4. The lessee shall assume the responsibility for paying all fees required for the Agreement and for all traffic fines imposed on the vehicle from the date of this Agreement, and he shall also bear the fees owed to the office.
  5. The lessee shall bear all costs relating to the toll gates [Salik] and [Darb].
  6. The vehicle may only be received after paying all fees required for the Agreement.
  7. The daily rental period is 24 hours, starting from the time the contract enters into force, and the permitted daily distance is 250 kilometers per day, and an amount ranging from 1 dirham to 20 dirhams is calculated for each kilometer in excess of the permitted distance, according to the prior agreement between the employee and the customer
  8. If the vehicle Agreement is monthly or annually and the lessee desires to return the vehicle before the expiry date agreed upon, whether monthly or annually, the daily rental price of the vehicle shall be calculated and additional charges
  9. The lessee may neither lease nor hand over the vehicle to anyone else, he may further not mortgage or sell the vehicle. In case of violating this condition, the lessee and guarantor shall assume the entire responsibility for any damage and may not claim any compensation from the insurance company.
  10. The lessee may not add or remove any of the vehicle parts internally or externally, therefore, he shall return the vehicle to its previous state. The lessee shall bear the costs incurred for damages or malfunction.
  11. In case the vehicle seized by any entity for whatever reason or accident or in case the driver is drunk because of alcoholic beverages or any other drug, he shall pay comprehensive compensation for any damage that occurred to the vehicle or third parties and assume the whole responsibility before the law.
  12. The lessee must return the car clean or pay 100 dirhams for washing. In the event that the car needs a deep wash due to smoking or similar reasons, 150 dirhams will be added
  13. The lessee who is less than 25 years old or if the issue date of his driving car has less than six months left, he shall assume the entire responsibility for the damages that may occur to the vehicle. In case of an accident to the vehicle, whether caused or damaged, he shall repair the vehicle at his own expense without seeking any assistance or compensation from the office or insurance company.
  14. An amount of money ranging from 1500 to 2500 dirhams is reserved for small car insurance. And an amount from 3000 to 8000 dirhams for large and luxury cars. For a period of 30 working days from the day the car was received by the lessor, and the lessee is not entitled to claim the amount before the specified date.
  15. If the car is involved in any accident: The driver should not leave the accident until the police come and get the accident report. The lessee must inform the office about the accident and the damages resulting from it, and obtain written approval to repair the car. The lessee shall bear the amount of 8000 dirhams, in addition to a 25% deductible of the repair value, if the lessee was the cause of the accident. The lessee (whether he was the cause or the damage) shall bear the full value of the rent, until the car is delivered after it has been repaired and returned to the condition it was in before the accident.
  16. In case the vehicle is deleted from the insurance, the rate of 40% of the vehicle value shall be paid to the office regardless of the compensation of the insurance.
  17. The lessor may suspend or withdraw the vehicle at any time without the consent of the lessee in case the latter is late in paying the dues related to this Agreement, and the lessor shall not assume any responsibility for any belongings of the lessee inside the vehicle.
  18. The lessee shall pay an amount of 5000 dirhams as expenses for filing a case other than the fees of the attorney.
  19. The vehicle shall not be received on Saturday & Sunday, the days followed by official holidays and official holidays in the country, and the lessee shall respect the working hours of the office.
  20. I hereby acknowledge that I have read and accepted all terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.