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Bentley Car Rental in Dubai

Features & Advantages of Renting a Bentley Car in Dubai

Driving a Bentley car is an experience like no other. Go for Bentley car rental in Dubai and you are guaranteed to make a splash with the onlookers.

Key Features of Bentley Cars

  • Iconic Design – Bentley is renowned for its timeless design. With a distinctive grille, striking curves, and bold lines, Bentley cars reflect the brand’s true prestige.
  • Plush Interiors – The plush interiors of Bentley cars are made using superior quality materials, ensuring maximum comfort. From ambient lighting to the soft leather seating, every aspect of these luxury cars is designed to improve your ride.
  • Smooth Handling – With excellent control and crisp steering, Bentley cars are easy to handle which enhances the overall driving experience.
  • Robust Engines – Bentley engines are known for being quiet, smooth, refined, and extremely powerful. Bentley W12 and V8 engines generate massive power and torque that result in rapid acceleration.

Advantages of Bentley Car Hire In Dubai

  • Unrivaled Performance – Bentley cars are handcrafted by the world’s leading car engineers to the highest standards down to the last detail, ensuring unrivaled performance.
  • Exceptional Comfort – Regardless of the Bentley model you choose, expect enough room to travel in comfort.
  • Advanced Safety – Bentley cars come with plenty of refinements to make your driving experience not only exciting but also safe.
  • If you are after the perfect Bentley car for a special event or getaway in Dubai, contact Twin Turbo Car Rental today!

Bentley Models Available for Rent at Twin Turbo Car Rental

Some popular Bentley models offered by Twin Turbo Car Rental are –

  • Rent Bentley Continental GT
    A perfect combination of performance, luxury, and style; Bentley Continental GT is the most popular car rental choice for both city and country driving. It comes with plush interiors and twin-turbocharged W12 or V8 engine options for unrivaled performance.
  • Rent Bentley Continental GT Convertible
    Bentley Continental GT Convertible is a great way to see and be seen whether you’re cruising through downtown or on the highway. In addition to its convertible design that offers an open-air driving experience, it comes with many special features, like the Bentley’s diamond knurling on controls, neck warmer, etc.
  • Rent Bentley Bentayga
    This is Bentley’s first SUV that combines luxury with daily drivability. Although it borrows its style from the Continental GT, it has 4 doors and a huge trunk that make it way more practical than the Continental GT.
  • Rent Bentley Mulsanne
    Bentley Mulsanne is a grand touring sedan that represents the pinnacle of Bentley luxury. With a mighty V8 engine, handcrafted luxurious interior, and easy handling; it guarantees an unforgettable driving experience.
  • Rent Bentley Flying Spur
    It is a 4-door luxury sedan that offers a perfect blend of opulence and performance. In addition to a powerful W12 engine and spacious interior, it comes with special features, like customisable ambient lighting, Bentley rotating display, etc.

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Benefits of Renting Bentley Cars from Twin Turbo Car Rental

Twin Turbo Car Rental offers an impressive range of Bentley cars for hire – from the classic Bentleys to the latest Mulsanne, and many more.

Here are some benefits of choosing us for your Bentley car hire in Dubai

  • A well-maintained rental fleet
  • Free car rental pick-up and drop-off service
  • Round the clock roadside assistance
  • Seamless booking with minimal documentation
  • Affordable rental packages with no hidden charges
  • Zero security deposit required

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Factors to Consider Before Renting Bentley Cars

Pre-rental considerations for a Bentley in Dubai –

  • Budget and pricing – Determine your budget for Bentley car hire in Dubai, considering the daily, weekly, and monthly rental rates. Make sure you are also aware of any additional charges, like security deposits, mileage charges, etc.
  • Rental duration and usage – Be sure of how long you want to rent the car. Different rates may apply for long-term and short term rentals, and some may also include mileage restrictions.
  • Requirements (age, license, insurance, etc.) – Check if you meet the age requirements for Bentley car rental in Dubai, and have a valid UAE driving license or valid International Driving Permit (IDP). Also, verify the insurance coverage offered by the rental company.
  • Rental terms and conditions – Carefully read the rental terms and conditions, which may include details, like return conditions, fuel policies, mileage limits, etc.
  • Maintenance and servicing – Ask the rental provider if maintenance and servicing is included in your rental agreement, and how breakdowns and other issues in the car are addressed.

Consider the aforementioned factors to ensure a hassle-free Bentley car rental in Dubai.

FAQs: Rent Bentley in Dubai

Ans: The cost of renting a Bentley in Dubai depends on various factors, like the model, rental agency, rental duration, and any additional services. For a personalised quote tailored to your specific requirements, get in touch with Twin Turbo Car Rental. To talk to our customer service team, call @ +971 56 151 5513.

Ans: Choosing a Bentley car for rent in Dubai offers you a driving experience that’s truly unique. With a perfect blend of luxury, performance, style, and comfort; Bentley cars make an ideal choice for both short trips and long journeys.

Ans: Yes, Twin Turbo Car Rental allows you to select the specific Bentley model you want to rent in Dubai. You can choose from the iconic Bentley Continental GT, powerful Bentayga, stylish Flying Spur, and various other popular Bentley models.

Ans: Booking a Bentley car rental in Dubai with us is super easy. Simply get in touch with our team or use our online platform to make a reservation. Share the necessary details, such as the Bentley model you want to rent, your preferred rental dates, your contact information, etc. You will also be required to submit the copies of your valid driving license and passport. After carefully reviewing the terms and conditions, you can proceed to confirm your booking.